Friday Funny November 13, 2020 FF Bad Luck Jokes for Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13!  Given all that has happened in 2020 perhaps you are really apprehensive about this Friday the 13.  But put aside your paraskevidekatriaphobia, take a deep breath, look bad luck in the eye and give a hearty laugh.


I hope really hope that you are not really scared of Friday the 13th, because it is bad luck to be superstitious.

My luck is so bad that my personality test came back negative.

My luck is so bad that I switched to Nationwide. They were not on my side.

My luck is so bad that when I had a pet rock, it ran away.

My luck is so bad that I planned my own birthday party and I still was not invited.

My luck is so bad that the last time I tried to be cool I ended up with hypothermia.

Would you call someone down on their luck who does stock photos a poor business model?

The other day I saw someone pushing a cart full of horse shoes and rabbit feet and I thought to myself – now that is really pushing your luck.\

Did you that Garden Gnomes are a supposed to bring you good luck?  Thai is a little gnome fact.

I cut the prong off a fork and am wearing it on a necklace for luck.  You know what they day – third tine’s the charm!

If it were not for negative variance, I would have no variance at all.


“To a brave man, good luck and bad luck are like his right and left hand.  He uses both.” ~ Catherine of Siena


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